Bringing Back Your Smile

At the office of Amy H. See, DDS, we want you to feel your best, look your best, and be your best. That’s why we offer a variety of restorative dentistry, whether you need a full set of dentures, a single crown, or a filling.

Dental Fillings


When you have a cavity, we want to treat it as quickly as possible. We use composite fillings to keep the decay from becoming more severe. Unlike traditional metal fillings, composite fillings match your own teeth, so the only thing that will sparkle is your smile.

Porcelain Inlays & Onlays

When a filling just won’t do the job because of the location or severity of a cavity, Dr. See can turn to porcelain inlays or onlays. We’ll remove the tooth decay before bonding the inlay or onlay to the remaining healthy portion of your tooth.

Crowns & Bridges

Have you been hiding your smile to cover up one or more teeth that are damaged or missing? It’s time to bring that smile back. Depending on your treatment needs, Amy H. See, DDS uses metal-free crowns or bridges to repair damage or replace lost teeth. Soon, all anyone will see is your smile.

Partials & Dentures

If you’ve been keeping your mouth shut because you’re embarrassed by missing teeth, it’s time to open your mouth and have a talk with the team at Amy H. See, DDS. If you need all of your teeth replaced, we can fit you with a full set of dentures that look and feel natural. If some healthy teeth remain, partials may be your best option.

Dental Implant Illustration


Depending on your needs, implants can be an ideal alternative to partials or dentures for replacing missing teeth. In order to ensure your highest level of care, we’ll refer you to a trusted colleague for surgical placement of the post before you return to the office of Amy H. See, DDS for us to complete the implant process.

Dental Implant Illustration

For our guests who are missing all or almost all teeth on either the top or bottom of their mouths, we suggest All-on-4 implants. Instead of one implant per tooth, this procedure uses just four implants to provide you with a stable, long-lasting smile.

If you need dentures, but you’re worried about stability, we recommend implant-retained dentures. In this procedure, you’ll have implants secured to your jaw, then the dentures will be fastened to the implants. With implant-retained dentures, you’ll have no slipping and no sloppy adhesives.

If implants are an option, first we’ll use our Cone Beam technology to get a 3D look at your mouth, ensuring we have all the information we need to agree on the best treatment plan for you.

At Amy H. See, DDS, we use Nobel Biocare products to ensure our guests receive the highest-quality implants — and most secure, longest-lasting smile.

Root Canal Treatment

When pulp in your tooth is infected due to decay, damage or trauma, you may need a root canal. We perform root canals on all teeth except molars and previously treated teeth. In such cases, we will refer to a trusted root canal specialist.

Oral Surgery

When it comes to oral surgery, the team at Amy H. See, DDS will ensure you get the highest level of care. Our compassionate team will take care of your minor oral surgery needs — like having a tooth pulled — in the comfort of our office. If you require a more advanced surgical procedure, we’ll refer you to a trusted colleague.