A Clear Solution for Straighter Teeth

Sure, you’d like to have straighter teeth, but you don’t want to flash a mouthful of metal on your way to a more gorgeous smile.

Don’t worry — traditional braces are not your only option.
The knowledgeable team at Amy H. See, DDS recommends Bioliner Plus.

This treatment plan offers a custom-fitted, soft, clear tray for minor tooth straightening. We’ll take an impression of your mouth right here in our office, and within a matter of days, the lab produces your unique liner. You’ll wear the invisible liner for up to 3 weeks, then we’ll check your progress.

The lab can produce a series of up to 3 trays from your original impression, so we’ll alter your unique tray every few weeks to keep up with your improving alignment. We’ll then take a new impression to have new trays developed, repeating the procedure. In as little as a year, your new smile will be all lined up.

Bioliner Plus is an ideal solution if you have excess space between teeth, teeth that are too close together, or teeth that have started to shift after you’ve worn traditional metal braces. Bioliner Plus is less expensive than both braces and other clear alignment systems. Best of all, your treatment plan can be our little secret. You can remove the trays to eat, brush, and floss. When you’re wearing the tray, it’s next to invisible.

So just smile. All people will see is you at your best.