Get Rid of Jaw Pain Caused by TMJ

How do you know if you’ve been suffering the effects of TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder?
Do you:

Get unexplained headaches?

Have unexplained pain or discomfort in your neck or jaw?

Find it difficult to open wide to yawn or eat?

Experience an increase in these symptoms when you’re anxious or stressed?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions,
talk to the compassionate team at Amy H. See, DDS.

TMJ has a number of causes, including injury and illness. Sometimes the cause is unknown. But the bottom line is, when you’re dealing with problems with this complex joint located in front of your ear, you want a solution. You’re tired of headaches, pain, popping noises, ringing in your ears, and blurry vision.

Woman Brushing Teeth

The team at Amy H. See, DDS can help ease your discomfort. We believe in neuromuscular treatment of TMJ, which means we want to ensure your jaw is in proper alignment. Once you’ve been diagnosed, we will use K7 system technology to discover the ideal position of your jaw bone and surrounding muscles when at rest. We’ll treat you using a TENS unit to deliver low-level electrical pulses which encourage your jaw muscles to relax. We’ll also develop custom bite splints and nightguards to protect your teeth while encouraging proper natural alignment.

If you’ve been suffering in silence with the symptoms of TMJ, it’s time to open your mouth to let the dentist and her team provide the care you need to feel your best, free from TMJ.